About Me

Greg is a New York City based comic. He was born and raised on Long Island aka Strong Island aka Wrong Island, which explains part of his dementia. Subsequently, he went on to work in banking for 10 years, enabling him to stew this dementia to perfection. He has not been featured in any major publication as an up-and-coming comic. Come to think of it, he technically hasn’t even been mentioned in any publication, of any kind, in any capacity. Yet?

Greg is available exclusively for public access television appearances and elementary school commencement parties. If you have the ability to employ him as a writer, you should do that.

Separate from doing standup, Greg is an active member of the modern jazz dancing community. He also dabbles in interpretative dance choreography and insect calls. Furthermore, Greg is a fan of the entire Reese’s family of products. For that matter, the entire Entemann’s catalog as well. Then again, he is a supporter of Hostess, too. It probably isn’t important to note he still likes Combos. Although, this is now strictly limited to the cheddar cheese with the pretzel shell variety.